Save Inheritance Tax – a guide


For some people the ability to save Inheritance Tax is of greater importance than Asset Protection.

With a variation called the Home Protection Trust and in conjunction with your Financial adviser (in some cases) it is possible to save inheritance tax. Lot’s of it! You can also retain a great deal of flexibility, something which doesn’t happen with many plans.

If IHT is an important issue for you, why not send us a brief summary of your situation and wishes? Alternatively, ask your financial adviser to do so. We will gladly make an outline proposal before asking for a commitment towards the fees required to save inheritance tax. We neither sell nor advise on specific financial services products.

Inheritance Tax Secrets – a manual to help you save Inheritance Tax

As the authors of Inheritance Tax Secrets, we are well placed to work with other professionals on your Estate Planning to achieve your objectives. And save inheritance tax too. Flexibility is crucial with plans to save inheritance tax – and often missing.

How many millions are inherited every year and then promptly lost in divorce settlements? With our flexible Legacy Protection Trust, the Trustees will do their level best to ensure that such situations are avoided.

Another “nasty” which can be avoided is for inheritances to go to people who are bankrupt. That way your hard earned assets end up under the control of the Trustee in Bankruptcy.

Regularly, large sums of money are inherited by people in residential care, thus relieving the Local Council of the need to pay their fees!

Another issues which can be resolved is setting up trusts for people who will probably never be able to manage their own financial affairs.

Whatever your requirements, though setting up professional trusts is never cheap, we should be able to provide a solution from our armoury.

So drop us a line, email us or give us a ring on 01323 741203. We will happily email you copies of our booklets on the Home Protection Plan and Legacy Protection Trust, or our booklet entitled Asset Protection Secrets.

Inheritance Tax Secrets is a manual designed to help people make the most of the simple things which can be done to save inheritance tax at low cost. There is a cost, but we will happily refund double that as credit towards any of our services.

Save Inheritance Tax: enquire here

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