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Our Legacy Protection Trust combines home protection with the protection of most if not all of your assets.  The Guide goes into broader detail about the legal steps you can take to protect your assets.  This site mainly is about Home Protection using the Legacy Protection Trust which should form a major part of many comprehensive Legal Plans.

Request your copy of the Home Protection Guide HERE. There is no obligation and we don’t even insist on a phone number.

But the Legacy Protection Plan offers a lot more than home protection..

If you’re just curious, the Home Protection Plan Guide provides a more general guide to this area. But we will walk you briefly through the Home Protection aspects of the Trust below to see if it is relevant to your family.

It will be relevant in most home-owning families, even if not yet. Just fill in the form if you want full details.  Please include a phone number just so that we can check the plan is actually relevant for you.

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Our free home protection guide will be of help to:

  • Homeowners trusts – both yours home and especially those over 60.
  • Anyone who is involved in a risky business or has ever given professional advice (IFAs, Doctors, Surveyors, Lawyers, etc. – all at risk of being sued after retirement.).
  • People in unstable relationships.
  • Anyone who wishes to prevent anyone else from inheriting from them – just a simple exclusion in your Last Will an Testament may not be enough.  The free asset protection guide will help.
  • Anyone who wishes to save probate fees and delays.
  • Homeowners who wish to allow their family rather than the Local Council to control the payment of care fees.
  • Anyone whose family have significant savings or own property!

Proper a proper home protection plan can save homeowners an absolute fortune: partly for themselves, and partly for their children or other beneficiaries.  With specialist solicitors fees starting at around £300+ VAT an hour, this sort of planning used to be for the well-heeled only.  However, our specialised knowledge, training, and systems have enabled us to provide this sort of expertise at prices even ordinary people can easily afford.  So don’t let the wrong people inherit your assets. Keep them intact for your family or those YOU choose.

This Home Protection Guide is designed to help you understand the options, and how to act, simply and cost-effectively.  Here is a brief note of the Home Protection Guides contents.

  1. Learn how to put your home out of harms way in a PROBATE Trust
  2. Learn how Local Authorities take over and sell up to 70,000 homes a year, to pay Nursing Home Fees – and how to avoid that happening to you.  Provided you act early enough! Are investment bonds counted? And it is not just Local Councils who can take your home.                             
  3. Learn how to save up to £3,000 and £10,000+ a year if you or a relative or friend become unable to manage their finances through illness, accident or sheer old age. Everyone over 18 should act on this.
  4. Learn how to influence doctors even when you are unconscious and how to appoint someone to act for you should the need arise (even married partners have no rights, much less unmarried ones). If you are over 18, you should be aware of this.
  5. Learn how to keep on top of your Legal Planning simply. Everyone could benefit.
  6. Learn the basics of Inheritance Tax Saving and see if it is relevant to you Rising house prices mean many average homeowners could benefit.
  7. Learn how to accomplish all this in around an hour at a modest cost. Find out just how simple it is to get organised.
  8. Learn where you can get REAL help in the difficult process of retaining independence for as long as reasonable, then in ensuring a smooth and effective transfer into a decent care facility. Who do you know who might find this service of enormous benefit?
  9. Learn how to make death a little less stressful for those left behind. Does anyone else know all about your finances?
  10. ACT NOW and discover why you should entrust us with your Legal Planning.    

 You know it makes sense! 01323 741200.

Protect your Assets with a Home Protection Trust

These can help with:

  • Avoiding Probate delays– of many months or more.
  • Avoiding Probate Costs – typically 3 to 5% of the value of your estate.
  • Avoiding ultra expensive (and delaying) action by disappointed beneficiaries.
  • Protect your home etc from future creditors.

Retain control of and benefit from your home: Protect your Assets with a Probate Home Protection Plan Trust.

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