Are you at financial risk?

Most families in the UK are!

They don’t need to be at financial risk, it is just a matter that the risk is not dealt with.   And until you are aware of it, and the fact that solutions are available, you can’t remove it. Insurances and so on can help, but they are just a part of the picture (which is not what we deal with.)

The seven simple questions below will indicate whether you are a family at a financial risk we can help to remove.  If you are, we have a free booklet on the subject, and we’re happy to have a free no obligation phone conversation with you should you wish it.

Can you answer YES to more than two of these questions?

1) I or a member of my family has retired or is considering retirement within 5 years.

2) I or they own my / our own Home in the UK.

3) I or they have children or family members to help if they can.

4) I am concerned about paying unnecessary tax.

5) I would like my wealth safely protected.

6) Do you or have you you run a business?

Answered YES to two or more questions? There is a possibility that your assets could be at risk.

Here are some alarming facts:


  • Every day, and unexpectedly, up to 383 new people lose out by paying very high hidden tax and expenses which can eat up ALL of their assets. Everything is at risk.
  • We reckon more than 91% of people have never even been made aware that protection against financial risk is available.  Appalling.
  • Legislation and the Rules change daily – are you up to date with new financial risks?  Things have changed dramatically, and you could be putting yourself and your family at financial risk and personal risk.

How would you feel if that happened to you of or your parents?  Or your children and grandchildren lost out simply because you didn’t know you and they were at financial risk?

But the good news is that all of this and more can be resolved.

There is a strong possibility we can help you, the next step to have an informal 5 minute chat with us, give us a ring on 01323 741203 or 03 300 102 301.   Alternatively, email us stating “at risk” and we’ll call you back.   We can’t help everyone, but if we can’t we will say so.

Pass on your hard earned wealth the future generations, or your favourite charity.

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am i at financial risk

Are you at financial risk?