How To Avoid Care Fees – but is it Wise?

Learning How to Avoid Care Fees.

How to avoid care fees is something we are often asked about and many schemes exist which claim to enable you to do just that – avoid paying care fees.  Some are sold purely on that basis, which we consider to be quite inappropriate.  The fact of the matter is that deliberately planning to avoid care fees is often unwise and wide open to being challenged. Our Probate Home Protection Plan has other substantial advantages which will often save the family more money than the initial fee.  But we go into that elsewhere.

However, we believe you should ask yourself a slightly different question, as we don’t believe just learning how to cut care fees is what most people want. How to avoid paying care fees may come at the cost of a miserable last few years. We don’t believe most families would want that for their parents, or themselves.

So how about a plan which allows your family to remain in control of whether avoiding care fees should always be the objective?  Simply topping up fees rather than avoiding them can transform the quality of your later years, and still leave as much as possible to children and grandchildren.

Does that not sound like a better option?

If you don’t trust your family to do their best for you, (which is sadly not uncommon), then we can help you to appoint professional trustees whom will act on your wishes, not anyone else’s. Their mission is to follow YOUR instructions as to how much emphasis to put on your needs and those of your family.

To learn more about how to avoid care fees and the other very substantial benefits of our Probate Home Protection Plan, click the link and ask for our leaflet to be emailed to you.  There is no obligation, we have no sales team, we just give advice when it is requested.

And please, if anyone tries to sell you a plan which is guaranteed to avoid care costs, please contact us for a more dispassionate analysis.

how to avoid care fees