Dilnott and Care Fees

Dilnott and Care Fees

Dilnott and care fees and end of life care are something which gets many people hot under the collar.   Especially me, when the Government announce “improvements” which are quite the opposite.

In wider society, it would be called something stronger than spin doctoring, but as they are politicians I guess we must go by their lower standards.

The Government have announced, in their infinite spin doctorship, that loans will be available against the homes of folk needing help with long term care fees.   Very generous, until you discover that these loans are already available, BUT interest free.   The “improvement” is that interest will now be charged.   That is serious spin doctoring.

We do indeed live in a divided society: –

1) One half where the children of folk who die quickly inherit practically everything after an entirely avoidable tax called Inheritance Tax which at is worst is fairly heavy over £325,000 for a single person or £650,000 for a couple if no precautions have been taken.

2) The other half where the parents are inconsiderate enough to fade away slowly and need long term care.  They are currently subject to Community Care tax of 100% over around £14,500. yes, you did read that correctly, the tax rate is one hundred percent over £14,500 (varies slightly round England and Wales).  The well advised, as long as they act early, protect their assets against Dilnott and Care Fees.

The Governments “improvements” will widen this gulf – perhaps they just want to make sure that lottery of life losers get nothing at all?

I’m used to politicians spinning, and I can understand the fact that they would rather cut benefits than upset their own supporters.  That’s why the seriously well off have massive tax loopholes which mean they need to pay virtually no tax at all.

If you detect a tone of anger in this brief article, you would be 100% correct.

Badtree comments:

” Can you consider plaese how charges for support services to Carers (to help the State as much as anything) will impact on the Carers ability to fund their own care in the future   which is not far away for many of us? Is it right to expect us to forfeit our own care ? How does this sit with the concept of self determination/ autonomy for the Carer as an individual in their own right. It just doesn’t seem right to me especially if   when they are unable to fund their own care   they could be subject to being called feckless or scroungers if they then have to rely on the State. This is not dignified. At some point a Carer must consider their own needs in old age or disability   and so must the State.”

What is your view?

Dilnott and Care Fees.