ABI on social care Whitepaper and Progress Report

ABI comment on social care Whitepaper and Progress Report

Stephen Gay, Director of Life, Savings and Protection at the Association of British Insurers said:

“We are deeply disappointed to see social care funding reform yet again left in the Government’s pending tray.  Governments past and present have for four parliamentary terms consistently failed to make a firm commitment to tackling the care crisis, at the expense of not just those needing care, but their families, carers and wider communities.

“These frustrating delays have left people in constant limbo, unable to plan ahead and facing up to funding their care when it is too late, with this burden inevitably falling on the NHS and local communities crippled under stretched budgets.

“Action is now long overdue and we call on all three political parties to make a firm manifesto commitment at the next election to resolve this issue and tackle funding social care to avoid the buck being passed on to yet another generation.”